Definite, And, A Solution To What Gathered Complaints There Are Surround The Barbering Process: And, In Excess: Style, The Waiting Process, This Shop Has A Kitchenette: And, Until Beer, Is Avail There: Then, I Arrived, In Company, Of A Friend: And, To Accompany Him To Barber: So, He Was Finite About The Result Of His Hair: And, The Barber Who Cared For Him, Arrived Until Meticulous: And, I Never Heard Complaint From Him, Until Ever The Ends: Plus, His Hair Cutting Had To Carriage His Brother’s Birthday, And, New Years With Household Family: Such, It Accomplished: And, Allowed Him To Portray Cleanliness Through Out That Endure: What More Can You Ask From A Cuttery Produce: I Mean, And, “The drinks are free”: But, The Bar Standards Hold Nights, Just For Ladies, And, I Believe That Is Their Advertiser: Still, The Kitchener Does Employ That, Valued Beer Service, With Out Tend Charge At The Bar: Truly, In Competence Of “Man Cave” Genre: Also, The Circumference Of The Shop Is Apocalyptic: Mean, This Barbershop Is Following All Variance Market Style Matching An Apocalyptic Economy: Which, We Have Earned, After COVID; Then, I Could Say, For The Tough Working Position, “Chair Payment License”, A Stable Place For Barbers To Hold Self Employ Result For Long Standing Eras Of Time.